Welcome to Outdoor Alkmaar! Before we start, it is important to read these terms and conditions carefully. These general terms and conditions apply to the rental of equipment and the activities offered by Outdoor Alkmaar.

The tenant/participant is the person who concludes the agreement as a tenant and/or participates in an activity

The landlord is Outdoor Alkmaar, the company that takes care of rental, activities and instruction.

You can rent equipment independently from the age of 16. Children under the age of 16 are only allowed to participate if accompanied by an adult.

For activities on the water, every tenant/participant must be in possession of a recognized swimming diploma or must have made the lack thereof known to the landlord in advance. If the tenant/participant has insufficient swimming skills, he/she will explicitly state this before the start of the activity/rental period.

The tenant/participant is obliged to report all personal circumstances of himself to the landlord, insofar as these may affect the proper course of the activity/rental period. This obligation applies in particular to all relevant medical and conditional particulars.

The tenant/participant declares not to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted during the activity/rental period.

The tenant/participant is deemed to have sufficiently covering travel and/or accident insurance before the start of the activity/rental period.

The tenant/participant must adhere to the instructions given by the landlord. It is not allowed to take the rented equipment anywhere other than the locations indicated during the instruction. The tenant/participant declares that he has understood the instruction provided by the landlord. The tenant/participant is obliged to comply with all instructions from the landlord.

The material will only be provided upon presentation of a valid ID and a completed, signed form. The landlord does not provide this information to third parties.

The lessor ensures that the material provided is in good condition. This means without defects, beyond normal wear and tear. The tenant is responsible for the rented equipment and returns the rented equipment in the same condition at the end of the activity/rental period. The hirer/participant is obliged to use the material in the manner for which it is intended. The financial loss suffered by the lessor as a result of damage or loss of the equipment will be borne by the lessee/participant.

The renter/participant will observe the standards of decency applicable on the water or on the public road and will comply with the applicable laws and regulations. In the event of damage to third parties caused by the tenant/participant, the costs will be recovered from the tenant/participant. The tenant/participant indemnifies the landlord against any obligation to pay compensation to third parties, by whomever suffered, which damage is caused as a result of the use of the materials by the landlord and/or the rented materials.

Rental of the materials and/or participation in an activity is at the expense and risk of the tenant/participant. The lessor is not liable for any form of personal injury and/or damage, including indirect or consequential damage, regardless of the cause, prior to, during or as a result of the activity/rental period, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. on the part of the lessor. If and insofar as the lessor is liable, the liability is limited to the duration of the rental period and/or to the end of the activity.

The tenant/participant is obliged to return all rented materials to the landlord at the agreed time in advance. If the agreed time is exceeded, the extra rental costs will be passed on to the tenant, rounded up to full hours.

The tenant/participant rents the equipment from Outdoor Alkmaar entirely at his own risk. The tenant/participant declares to agree with these general terms and conditions and to have taken note of the accompanying instruction, which has been carried out orally.