Outing with colleagues, classmates, family or friends

At Outdoor Alkmaar it is possible to go supping with a group in the vicinity of Alkmaar. For example as a company outing, with your whole class, family or friends day, with the possibility to end together with a snack. Enjoying eachother in a active way from the water, with the sup through Alkmaar, and then look back on the sup adventure while enjoying a snack and drink.

Sup package
Outdoor Alkmaar has access to changing rooms with showers and a catering facility. In consultation, Outdoor Alkmaar can meet your wishes and ensure a relaxed and complete day together with your staff, family or friends. The location of Outdoor Alkmaar is easily accessible for everyone, directly along the ring road (N508) and within walking distance of the train station of Alkmaar-Noord (500 meters).

Everyone can sup
To sup in Alkmaar is accessible, sporty and suitable for everyone (in good health). It is also quite simple for people who have never stood on a sup before. After a short instruction and some practice, you will soon be supping. Working together on the water creates a nice atmosphere, which contributes to group dynamics. Supping in the open air in Alkmaar provides mental relaxation, which is good for everyone's health.

In order to be able to offer customization in terms of day/time, number of people, food and drinks, etc., we are happy to consult. Send an email in advance ( info@outdoor-alkmaar.nl ). Together with Outdoor Alkmaar we come to a beautiful arrangement that meets the specific wishes of your group.

  • Outdoor Alkmaar the sup rental
  • Healthy for everyone
  • Company outing family or friends
  • Book via info@outdoor-alkmaar.nl

A sporty outing in Alkmaar? You can arrange this through Outdoor Alkmaar. First together on the sup, which is adapted to the needs of the user, and then after a warm shower enjoy a drink, snack and each other! Specific wishes? Send an email and Outdoor Alkmaar will contact you as soon as possible.

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