Activities for everyone, including you!

Outdoor Alkmaar makes this possible

Enjoy a fun, sporty activity in an inspiring environment. For young and old, experienced or inexperienced.

Moving forward under your own steam is what Outdoor Alkmaar stands for!

Accessible, challenging and anyone can do it. At Outdoor Alkmaar you can enjoy yourself on the water with a SUP or hit the road with our sporty STEPS, which move forward by using your own strength. Everything is negotiable: out alone? a group outing with friends/colleagues, or a combination of scooters and supping? much is possible and negotiable. Reservations for rental can easily be made online.

location Alkmaar

Outdoor Alkmaar started in April 2021 with the location on the Hoornsevaart in Alkmaar. A beautiful location as a base for the necessary outdoor activities. Where it started with the rental of SUP boards, we have already added the sporty STEPS to our rental this year. Located in the beautiful polder, near the city center of Alkmaar and very easily accessible. Free parking and then out with the STEP or SUP.

2nd location

This year 2022 we will start with a 2nd rental location at the Geestmerambacht. On the north side of the Geestmerambacht, next to Pavilion El Chiringuito , we will start renting out Supbourds from the May holiday. Thanks to this collaboration, we can easily offer packages, the perfect place for group outings!

The advantages of Outdoor Alkmaar at a glance:

  • Physical challenge : Both SUP and STEP are sports where you use all the muscles . A total body workout that everyone can practice at their own level.

  • Mentally healthy : The water, the fresh air and a natural environment contribute to relaxation and reduce stress.

  • Social activity : An activity that is also a social activity at the same time . Together with family or friends, but also with a school class or as a business activity.

  • Adventurous : Out and about with only a board or a scooter for a few hours, or on the road for a whole day. Discover Alkmaar, the polder and the water in an environmentally friendly, sporty and relaxing way.

Book directly and check the agenda for the available times. If you have any questions, call the app or email us.

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Do you have any questions or do you want personal contact first, call, app or email us for the possibilities!