Alkmaar on the step

Get into town! With the scooters from Outdoor Alkmaar you can easily and quickly get into the city. It is a fun and sporty variation to explore Alkmaar. On a scooter you are fast, agile and you can go anywhere. When renting a scooter you get a lock so that you can enjoy a drink on the terrace in the beautiful city center. You can park for free at our rental point, on the Hoornseweg in Alkmaar, and the place is easy to drive to (N508 exit Oudorp).

Scooters are for young and old. A scooter is also available for the smallest. Outdoor Alkmaar has various routes available, including a nice (short) children's route through the polder of Alkmaar and Oudorp.

Outdoor Alkmaar stands for its own strength! Our scooters are not motorized, so besides the fact that scootering is fun, it is also good for your body and you are in motion. Scootering is not difficult and everyone has done it once, although sometimes it was a long time ago.

The scooters can also be used well for a company outing, class outing or family day. The scooter is a fun way to get out and about together. Would you like to discover the history of Alkmaar on a scooter accompanied by a local guide? That too is possible! In about 2 hours you have a nice scooter tour with beautiful sights and the accompanying stories.

We have various scooter routes available via an app (route factory). You can mount your phone on the step handlebar using a sturdy holder so that you can easily follow the route. If you want to discover the surroundings of Alkmaar, we have plenty of alternatives to enjoy on a scooter!

Step into the city and scooter together at Outdoor Alkmaar!
Everyone can scooter!

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